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The Life of a Teacher on Exchange

  My name’s Andrew, and I study at the University of Toronto. I decided to do a teaching internship during the summer of 2015. I had always enjoyed communicating my knowledge to others, and I was itching to produce another experience to add to my resume. However, I went abroad through AIESEC to Padang, Indonesia, […]

Entrepreneurship and Education

Entrepreneurship is undeniably important to the advancement of society yet it is a path rarely taken by students. Despite the rise of youth entrepreneurship many students remain apprehensive to walk off the beaten path – which admittedly, includes myself. The Smooth Path to Success We have all heard that the path to success is never […]

5 Great Reasons to Study, Intern or Work Abroad

No need to put your education or your work experience on hold to travel – you can do both! Both studying and taking an internship abroad will allow you to combine learning (‘on the job’ learning in the case of an internship) with the experiential learning of travelling, assimilating into a different culture and making […]

Why Go On Exchange?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu Let’s face it, we all have goals and accomplishments that we want to achieve in life. Whether it be finding a good job, having enough money, or simply exploring the world, everybody probably has something they want to do on their bucket […]

The Difference Volunteering Can Make

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”. – Author Unknown The Idea of Volunteering The idea of volunteering can have a profound effect. Some people love the idea and do […]

#ShareYourStory Campaign Launch

Have a burning passion to share an international experience? Want to explore the world even more while making an impact? Check out AIESEC in Canada’s #ShareYourStory Photo Contest! Simply follow the steps below to share your story across social media and you could get the chance to win a free exchange through AIESEC. Interested? Check out […]

Volunteering v.s. Tourism

The vast majority of people say that they like to travel and share where they went or what they did. We can say with confidence that those people are tourists, simply looking for adventures and to try new things. One can also argue that volunteering abroad, giving time for a cause in another country, can […]

Canadians Making an Impact Internationally

Impact: A word that everyone wants to achieve. Making a difference in the world, in someone else’s life can have a profound effect on everyone involved. It can lead to self-fulfillment, joy or even just a warm fuzzy feeling inside. But impact can come from anywhere whether it be stepping outside of your comfort zone […]

Teaching: The Never-ending Journey

Ever since we were young, we’ve always had someone to guide us, someone to lead us, someone to teach us. As university students or recent graduates, you might think that you’re almost at the end of it all meaning there won’t be anymore teachers to boss us around or grade our work. However, the idea […]